The Silent Walk

The Silent Walk was made as a commission for Independent Photography in the South East (IPSE).

The work looks at the memorial constructed to commemorate those who died in the Grenfell fire of 2017; a tragedy in which 72 people lost their lives and a further 74 were injured.

Softly, in the Dusk

Softly, in the Dusk is my most recent book. It shows photographs taken around the ex-mining town of Eastwood, Nottinghamshire. The photographs, paired with words by D H Lawrence, tell stories of how things were, how things are.


Taxus is an extended project exploring the Yew tree (Taxus baccata) and its place in our history, culture and mythology.

Tales From a Riverbank

Tales From a Riverbank is a landscape series, published as a photobook, telling stories from the Arun valley in West Sussex.

Songs & Prophecies

This work explores my home village of Felpham in West Sussex, a village that from 1800 to 1803 was also the home of artist and mystic poet, William Blake. The series combines 21st century landscape photographs with short extracts from Blake’s written work.

Civic Parish Boundary

This series investigates the idea of “Place” at a succession of points along the civic parish boundary of my home village, Felpham in West Sussex. 

The Tears of Amphitrite

The Tears of Amphitrite looks at the effect that our consumer choices are making on the marine environment

A Box of Memories

This short AV sequence was made for a workshop led by Bologna-based artist Sonia Lenzi for the Independent Photographers of the South East

At the Gallery

This work is about the act of looking. Museums and art galleries offer us the opportunity to look not only at the works on display, but also, to observe others viewing those works.

Traces of Tuscany

A short photobook reflecting on a visit to Tuscany in 2017